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How it works:

On completion of the course you will be required to complete 200 hours of practical teaching. 

+- 35 hours of Lectures in person live or in person online!

These hours are broken down as follows :

50 Hours of Observation (minimum of 40 hours must be live or live virtual)
60 Self Practice Hours Reformer workouts alone or with another trainee
50 Hours of Practice Teaching with the Student as the Instructor
(minimum of 2 clients)
40 Hours of Reformer Sessions with Qualified Teacher Trainer. 
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Course Structure

Lectures and Practical Training:

The course begins with a series of lectures covering the principles and techniques of Pilates reformer exercises. These lectures are delivered by either Alexia or Talia and provide comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter.

Self-Practice, Observation, and Practical Teaching:

Upon completion of the lectures and comprehensive reformer repertoire training, students are required to dedicate 200 hours to self-practice, in-studio observation at a studio of your choice, and practical teaching.

This stage allows students to deepen their understanding of the material, gain hands-on experience, and develop their teaching skills.

Availability for Questions and Masterclasses and Weekly Homework:

Throughout the course and during the self-practice phase we are available to answer any questions students may have.

Additionally, we offer affordable masterclasses to further enhance students' knowledge and provide additional guidance.

Exam and Evaluation:

 When students feel prepared, they can schedule an exam session with us.

The exam consists of two components:

Class Observation:

Students will teach a class to a friend or peer while we observe their teaching abilities.

Written Test:

Students will be required to complete a short written test to assess their theoretical understanding of Pilates reformer principles.

Certification and Qualification:

Pass or Fail Determination:

After the exam, we will evaluate the students' performance and written test. Based on our  assessment, students will receive a pass or fail designation.

Teaching Qualification:

Upon successfully passing the exam, students will be awarded 20 CPD points and be competent to teach Pilates reformer classes to private clients and in a group studio setting. They will have demonstrated the necessary knowledge, practical skills, and teaching abilities to guide individuals through Pilates reformer exercises effectively and safely.

We are committed to supporting our students throughout their journey and offer guidance through masterclasses and question-and-answer sessions.

Upon successful completion, students will awarded 20 CPD points be competent to lead Pilates reformer classes and help clients achieve their fitness goals.

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