Comprehensive Reformer and Mat Teacher Training for Pilates Instructor Certification

We offer a fully comprehensive Pilates reformer and mat courses accredited by REPS.
This course offers 20 CPD points.

Once you have completed your lectures and practical hours you will be a competent Pilates instructor. This course is open to anyone interested, regardless of prior experience in the fitness industry.

The program combines approximately 30-40 hours of lectures, including practical training on the reformer or mat. To participate, access to a reformer is mandatory.

Students can choose to complete the courses either live in a studio, we work with host studios globally, over 5 full days or live online over 8 full days. The only prerequisite for the reformer course is to have access to a reformer, either owned or rented.

Course Structure:

Lectures and Practical Training:

The courses begins with a series of lectures covering the principles and techniques of Pilates repertoire. These lectures are delivered by either Alexia or Talia and provide comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter.

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What Our Students Are Saying

Comprehensive education in both classical and contemporary techniques.


The full repertoire of exercises will be covered along with anatomy, programming, progressions, and regressions to ensure that students can accommodate clients with a wide range of abilities and needs. It also includes Pilates during pregnancy and postpartum, addressing the specific considerations and modifications required for every relevant exercise.

In addition to the movement techniques, the course covers anatomy and basic rehabilitation regressions, providing a deeper understanding of the body and how Pilates can be used to support healing and recovery.

Students will learn about studio etiquette, including how to create a safe and welcoming environment for clients, and the basic business of Pilates. 

The course provides an introduction to financial management for a successful instructor journey.

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